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CISO – Chief Information Security Office and Emerging Job Roles in Cyber Security Domain

樱井知香 By March 24th, 2019 General

樱井知香Chief Information Security Office and Emerging Job Roles in Cyber Security Domain Digital[...]

Conversational websites – A Business Case for Bots

By March 24th, 2019 General

Are Chatbots the new websites? A Business Case for Bots Business Reality of Mobile Eco-Sys [...]

Common Pitfalls Applicants Should Avoid If They Want to Make Their Dream Job a Reality

By March 16th, 2019 Recruiting

It’s amazing how many people believe that being qualified for a job is enough to get them[...]


By March 6th, 2019 Tech Outlook, Technology

“The roles and responsibilities of a SAP ABAP Consultant vary depending on the requirement [...]

Top RPA trends – as a job seeker you need to know in 2019

By March 6th, 2019 General, Recruiting, Tech Outlook, Technology

“With 230 million jobs to be affected by RPA as per Forrester, RPA is also rapidly changin [...]

Thinking of switching over to Dev-Ops? Prospects for DevOps as a Career Option

By March 6th, 2019 Tech Outlook, Technology

“As the velocity of digital business is increasing day by day, the need of DevOps will onl [...]

Scope of AngularJS in 2017

By October 10th, 2017 Tech Outlook

What is AngularJS? Before starting out, let us understand what AngularJS is and what it st [...]

Can I get a job by learning Django-Python?

By October 10th, 2017 Tech Outlook

Python is a high-level programming language that is gaining great popularity in the softwa [...]

Microsoft announces the availability of SQL Server on Linux

By October 3rd, 2017 Tech Outlook

Microsoft hits a massive milestone by announcing the availability of SQL Server on Linux M [...]

Micro services and Containers as Key enabling technologies

By November 28th, 2016 Tech Outlook

Understanding the Technology drivers of the shift to Java Micro Frameworks Explosion of Ne [...]

Prospects for DevOps as a Career Option

By July 24th, 2016 Tech Outlook

A Transformative Change in Enterprise IT Today’s customers access business services that a [...]

Bots:Language as the User Interface

By June 29th, 2016 Uncategorized

Bots: Language as the User Interface Introduction to Intention Analysis Framework for impl [...]

Apache Metron: The Emerging Open Source Platform for SecurityOperations Centre Management

By June 13th, 2016 Tech Outlook

Adaptive Security A cursory study of the top data breaches of last year would list the ent [...]

H-1B & Green Card related policy changes – Impact on Tech Staffing Companies

By January 15th, 2015 General

Are you ready for more W2 employees on your pay roll? Wait….if you are a H1 dependent comp [...]

1+ Million New Tech Jobs

By January 15th, 2015 General

  The Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data are drastically restructuring the Tech Industry’s l [...]

TAG partners with TechFetch for Job Fairs and Job Posting Board

By September 23rd, 2014 Press Release

ATLANTA (September 15th, 2014) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) in collaborat [...]

Techfetch Hosts Global Recruiters’ Meet in Chennai, Hyderabad & Noida

By April 13th, 2014 Events, General, Press Release, Recruiting

April 13, 2014 Contact: Casey Sharperson, Marketing Coordinator, Tel: +1-703-544-2064 Tech [...]

How To Handle Job Interview Stress

By March 5th, 2014 General

During the job interview, some candidate may feel nervous. It will spoil your performance[...]

How To Prepare For Online Video Interview

By March 3rd, 2014 General

Nowadays, Many organization prefers to conduct interview through online. Online interview[...]

Tips for Making your Resume Stand Out

By February 27th, 2014 General

Resume acts as an effective tool to enter in a job interview. It must clearly explain your [...]

AWS Cloud Computing for IT Professionals

By November 3rd, 2013 Events, Upcoming Webinars, Webinars

>>> ? Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 ? 3-4 PM EST ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Register?[...]

How To Apply for WIA Training Grants From Government?

By October 24th, 2013 General

If you are unemployed and considering acquiring new skills to get back into workforce, you [...]

Techfetch.com Launches Techfetch Academy –Online Platform with Hundreds of IT Courses

By September 19th, 2013 Press Release

For Immediate Release: Sept-19-2013 Contact: Srinivas Veeramasu, 703-544-2061 Techfetch.co [...]

Contribute Regularly To Leverage Your Network And Grow Your Career

By June 17th, 2013 General

Dilip Saraf shares a one minute video about how to leverage your network. Everyone talks a [...]

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