赤峰百姓网赤峰百姓网 Avoid Delridge/Oregon for a whlle – we’re getting reports of a crash that is said to involve a pole. SFD and SPD are responding.

7:56 PM: Our crew sent that photo and word that Delridge is closed between Genesee and Oregon.


Another local business has confirmed that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We just talked with a Trader Joe’s spokesperson, checking out a tip we had received. She says a West Seattle employee tested positive on Saturday (June 27th) and had last worked the preceding Thursday (June 25th). The store brought in an independent cleaning crew for a thorough cleaning Saturday night/Sunday morning, she said..


We’ve heardd from two more reopened West Seattle food/beverage businesses:

PHO AROMA: Today is the first day back in business for the Vietnamese restaurant at 5605Delridge Way SW. They’re open noon 7 pm Mondays through Saturdays, closed Sundays.

EMERALD KITTY CAFE: Open for pick-up coffee at 3422 Harbor SW, Tuesdays-Saturdays 7:30 am-2 pm (closed from 11-11:30 for lunch break), closed Sundays and Mondays. And they remind us that “100% of proceeds go back to the pet rescue” (Emerald City).

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Stabilization work about to start

(SDOT photo: Hydra-Lift Under-Bridge Inspection Platform that’ll be used in stabilization work)

Regardless of whether the city decides to repair or replace the West Seattle Bridge, it has to be stabilized. SDOT just announced that contractor Kraemer North America will move this week from staging to stabilizing. The first phase of that work has to be done even before the stuck Pier 18 bearings can be tackled, SDOT says:

The first step of this stabilization work will be to construct and attach movable work platforms to the underside of the bridge so that crews can safely access the exterior of the bridge girders while they work on measures intended to slow cracking. In order to secure the hanging platforms, crews will use a precision hydro-demolition technique to excavate existing holes which held up platforms when the bridge was being built and were then filled with concrete decades ago. Crews will open up more than 100 of these holes, which will take a minimum of 2 weeks. Once the holes have been exposed, the work platforms can be hoisted up from a barge in the river below using roadway-mounted electric winches.

When the work platforms are secure, the team will be able to work from both the top and underside of the bridge, and move forward with the stabilization measures. The first stabilization measure will be to install carbon fiber wrapping around the bottom of the bridge in areas where strengthening is required and inside some of the girders most affected by cracking. The initial carbon fiber wrapping work will likely begin as soon as late July and take approximately 10 weeks to install.

Once the carbon fiber wrap is in place, we can begin installing steel tendons inside the bridge. When the steel strands are in place, we will begin to tighten them to achieve the required tension that will support the bridge and, along with the carbon fiber wrap, help slow cracking. Work to install and tighten the steel tendons will likely take one to two weeks to complete.

More details – and graphics – are in SDOT’s full update here.

P.S. Wondering how much all this will cost? City Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s latest weekly newsletter includes this: “A memo received from the City Budget Office … notes ‘SDOT estimates 2020 costs for bridge repair to be $22.8 million. To help fund 2020 costs for emergency repair work, SDOT will take on additional debt supported by an interfund loan in 2020. More funding will be required in 2021 and 2022’.”

TRAFFIC ALERT: Tree-trimming work on Sylvan Way

The photo and report are from Sam: “Wanted to let you know that SDOT is cutting tree limbs down on Sylvan Way SW. There are very long delays. At least 10 mins. Good news is that come fall we won’t have trees and branches falling on cars.”

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Rape suspect arraigned

Two months ago today, we reported on the arrest and charging of 18-year-old Jackson U. Sullivan, charged with second-degree rape. Prosecutors say he raped a 16-year-old girl who was incapable of consent, “intoxicated to the point of loss of motor functions … (during) what should have been an enjoyable high-school party” last November. Usually defendants are arraigned a few weeks after charges are filed, but court operations have been affected by the pandemic, and after delays, Sullivan was arraigned this past Thursday; we obtained the court documents today. They say he pleaded not guilty, remains free on bond for $350,000 bail, and is ordered to return to court August 25th for a case-scheduling hearing – those are usually short hearings during which the judge gets an update on the case’s status.

REOPENING: Senior Center of West Seattle – by appointment!

The latest reopening news is from the Senior Center of West Seattle, whose executive director Amy Lee Derenthal sends word of a “modified” reopening:

The Senior Center of West Seattle will re-open today with limited programming, by appointment only.

During this phase, the Senior Center will operate with just a few high-demand programs that are held 1:1 or in a small-group setting. The first couple of weeks will be our test period as we evaluate how to provide the programs, activities and classes our members want most while keeping our members, volunteers, and staff safe. The Senior Center’s goal is to add more programming throughout July and August, as safety guidelines allow.

To Register: Call us at 206-932-4044 to make an appointment for a class or program. No walk-in participation will be permitted during this period of our re-opening.

Here’s What’s Available:
· Aging Well
· Artists Group
· Book Reading Group
· Coffee with Vets
· Computer Lab
· Drumming Circle
· Ham Radio Group
· Legal Assistance
· Tutoring for Computers, Smart Phones and Zoom
· Writing Group

Visit the Senior Center’s website for a detailed list of activities and the dates and times each will be offered.

Safety is top priority. All members and participants must wear a mask while at the Senior Center of West Seattle and stick to six-foot physical distancing rules. The Senior Center is following strict cleaning and safety guidelines from King County and the state to lower risk.

The Senior Center’s Stop-n-Shop Thrift Shop, located at 4504 California Ave. SW, will re-open with a limited schedule beginning on Thursday, July 9. Hours will be Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. (Some donations will be accepted starting July 16th.)

The Senior Center’s virtual classes and programs will continue. Check out the list of activities on the Senior Center’s website.

Questions: Contact us at 206-932-4044 or visit sc-ws.org. Note the Senior Center of West Seattle will be closed Friday, July 3, in observance of Independence Day.

While the center itself has been closed to the public, it hasn’t been idle – “We’ve been busy delivering meals and groceries to seniors in their homes,” notes Derenthal, adding that will continue. The center is at 4217 SW Oregon in The Junction.

WHALE-WATCHING: Orcas visible from West Seattle again

Orcas are in the area again! The tip comes from Kersti Muul, who says whales are “milling on north en of Blake Island.” Let us know if you see them!

NEED FOOD? Free summer meals for kids and teens at 2 West Seattle parks

United Way of King County is offering free meals to kids and teens at two local parks this summer – weekdays, noon-4 pm at Highland Park Playground (1100 SW Cloverdale) starting today, 10 am-noon at Roxhill Park (29th/Barton) starting next Monday, July 6th. The announcement notes:

Kids and teens can pick up a free meal for the day, or a parent can come and say that they’re picking up a meal for however many children that they have. Social distancing will be practiced at both of our sites as well!

ROAD WORK, TRANSIT, TRAFFIC TODAY: Monday notes, 15th week of West Seattle Bridge closure

6:12 AM: Good morning – the 98th morning without the high-rise West Seattle Bridge.


The Delridge Way work will mean lane reductions in spots – here are the toplines for this week’s work.


Heading off-peninsula? Here are the cameras for the 5-way intersection, and the restricted-access low bridge just east of it:

The main detour route across the Duwamish River is the 1st Avenue South Bridge (map) – which has up to 14 overnight closures planned next month. Meanwhile, here’s that camera:

The other major bridge across the river is the South Park Bridge (map) – this camera shows the SP-side approach:

If you’re going through South Park, neighbors have a message for you:

Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed for info about any of those bridges opening for marine traffic.

You can see all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also shown on this WSB page.


Metro – Some service has been restored – details here.

Water Taxi – Some service has been restored on the WT too, plus the 773 and 775 shuttles – see the schedule here.

Holiday note – Since July 4th is on Saturday, it’ll be observed Friday – no Water Taxi, and other changes we’ll update as the week goes on.

Trouble on the roads/paths/water? Let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.

CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 6/28 roundup

Four months ago tonight, King County announced its first confirmed coronavirus case. Now we’re on the brink of 10,000, as we launch tonight’s roundup:

KING COUNTY’S NEWEST NUMBERS: Here are the cumulative totals from the Public Health daily-summary dashboard:

*9,901 people have tested positive, up 82 from yesterday

*586 people have died, unchanged from yesterday

*1,574 people have been hospitalized, unchanged from yesterday

*159,551 people have been tested, up 1,928 from yesterday

One week ago, the totals were 9,234/584/1,541/141,474.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: As two grim milestones were passed – 10 million cases and 500,000 deaths – you can see the nation by nation breakdown here.

ANOTHER LOCAL BUSINESS DISCLOSES A CASE: As reported here last last night, this time it’s Duke’s on Alki.

WANT TO PLAY TENNIS? Starting tomorrow morning, Seattle Parks will start taking reservations for outdoor tennis court use starting July 6th – info here.

WHAT PARK FACILITIES ARE STILL CLOSED? Here’s the ongoing official list.

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? westseattleblog@gmail.com or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!

PHOTOS: West Seattle Pride mini-march, hundreds strong

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

Hundreds of people of all ages commemorated Pride Sunday in West Seattle with a “mini-march” along a few blocks of California SW in Morgan Junction this afternoon. Some brought flags and banners, big and small:

As announced by organizers Autumn Lovewell and Monica Colgan, who just took over Morgan Junction’s Youngstown Coffee, there was a special focus, “honoring and remembering Black and Indigenous Trans/Queer Lives, the creators of Pride”:

As they also noted in the announcement, “the first Pride was a protest, not a parade” – a reminder of the Stonewall uprising that began with a police raid in New York, 51 years ago today.

Though there have been major victories for LGBTQ rights, from marriage equality to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, today also carried the reminder “there is so much work to do.”

Whether marching or not, supporters were invited to help with that work by donating to the Ingersoll Gender Center.

FIREWORKS: Love them or hate them, get ready for more of them

(July 2018 reader photo, Solstice Park)

You’ve already likely been hearing the booms for a couple weeks now, but be aware, the annual peak fireworks season is about to begin, with fireworks stands opening today in unincorporated King County. This year could be worse than usual because most big public shows were canceled. As noted on our partner site White Center Now, fireworks sales are allowed in the unincorporated area daily through the 4th, but using them is only legal on the 4th, and only in that area – they’re illegal in the cities north and south, Seattle and Burien. Yes, we know, there’s usually little enforcement. So if the illegality of fireworks doesn’t convince you not to use them, how about the fact they killed a man last year?

#SayTheirNames supporters on Delridge overpass, and what’s next

Until about 5:30 pm, that #SayTheirNames show of support – as previewed here – continues on the Delridge/Oregon pedestrian/bicycle overpass.

WHAT’S NEXT: We received this announcement today from Hate-Free Delridge:

Hate-Free Delridge is again partnering with Scott and Puget Ridge Cohousing for two demonstrations next week:

Tuesday and Thursday, June 30 and July 2.
Where – The corner of 16th Ave. SW and SW Holden St. again.
Time – 4 pm to 6 pm
Bring your signs.
And your mask.

BUSINESS NOTES: C & P Coffee Company seating; Kickdown Café opening

Two business notes – both focused on beverages. First, from C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor):

We are open daily from 8 am-4 pm with outdoor seating available. To-Go window is located in the back yard, with alley access between Findlay and Juneau streets.

And from the new Kickdown Café:

We are opening and have nailed our regular hours down.

Monday- Friday 8 am-12 pm
And Saturday 9 am-12 pm.

The Kickdown is located in Nepenthe at 9447 35th Ave SW. We have window service for coffee, tea, juices,and light snacks, ALL FREE. Outside distanced seating available.

PRIDE: Admiral neighborhood march

Thanks to Amber for the photo from another West Seattle Pride event today, a neighborhood walk in Admiral! Sorry this wasn’t in our daily preview list – we didn’t hear about it in advance, but our list does include the Morgan Junction mini-march for Pride, set to start from Morgan Junction Park, 6413 California SW, around 2:15 pm.

WHALE-WATCHING: Orcas visible from West Seattle

Thanks to Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail for calling with word that orcas are northbound off Brace Point, south of Fauntleroy. They’re not currently close to our side of the Sound, though, so take your binoculars.

Here’s how to get ready for ‘Get Fit, West Seattle’!

Though West Seattle Runner (2743 California SW; WSB sponsor) is open for in-store shopping, its long tradition of in-person events will have to wait for a later phase before resuming. But that’s not stopping the next “Get Fit, West Seattle”! WSR proprietors Lori and Tim McConnell are offering a virtual version – and you can get ready by watching their advance video – here’s the announcement:

July 18th would be the day that Float Dodger 5K would have happened, so we are kicking off GET FIT WEST SEATTLE virtually that day to have a little something fun on the running docket.

You start with one mile and you will train to run the Seattle Half Marathon on November 29th 2020! This is a program for BEGINNER runners.We will be providing a training plan, clinics on injury prevention, run nutrition, proper running form, run/walk intervals, and all things that new runners need to know to do it safely and successfully.

Much of this may occur virtually depending on city regulations, COVID cases, and safety measures that need to be taken.We know we will be starting remotely. Once it is deemed safe, we will meet in-person and run as a group. Until then, we will offer suggestions for routes, tips, dialogue and support in an on-line format, with Facebook being our main interactive platform. Learn more about this program by watching our Informational Night video, posted on our facebook group pages: West Seattle Runner and Get Fit West Seattle. It will stay posted on those pages for you to view at your leisure.Furthermore, you can email any questions to: lori@westseattlerunner.com.

If you have trouble finding the video on either of those pages, try this direct link.

WEST SEATTLE SUNDAY: What’s up today – online church services, Pride mini-march, #SayTheirNames, more…

(Friday’s sunset, photographed by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

Here’s our list of what’s happening today, starting with updated links for West Seattle churches’ online services, most livestreamed, some not:

ADMIRAL UCC: Worship options are linked here.

ALKI UCC: 10 am online service and annual meeting, via Zoominfo and link on church’s home page.

ALL SOULS SEATTLE (WSB sponsor): Online worship podcasts are here.

BETHANY COMMUNITY CHURCH: Livestreaming for West Seattle here at 9:30 am.

CALVARY CHAPEL: Service will be viewable here, plus 11 am fellowship via Zoom, 6 pm all-church prayer and 7 pm evening worship (info on home page).

EASTRIDGE CHURCH: Livestreaming here at 9 am and 11 am.

FAUNTLEROY UCC: Special service – Music Sunday! Featuring the Fauntleroy Chancel Choir, ensembles, and instrumentalists (Bronwyn Edwards, Music Director). Here’s the flyer. Livestreaming on the church’s YouTube channel at 10 am.

FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH OF WEST SEATTLE: Today’s online liturgy is here.

GRACE CHURCH: Livestreaming here, 10:30 am.

HALLOWS CHURCH: Streaming at 10 am via the church’s YouTube channel.

HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH: Livestreaming in English at 8:30 am, en Espa?ol at 10 am, all here.

HOLY ROSARY CATHOLIC CHURCH: Livestreaming at 9:30 am here.

HOPE LUTHERAN: Today’s worship service and children’s story are viewable here.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Livestreaming at 10 am, both here.

PEACE LUTHERAN: Livestreaming at 10:30 am on YouTube.

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH: Viewable on YouTube: All Ages Sunday School at 10 am, Morning Prayer at 10:15 am (here’s today’sbulletin), Kids’ Club at 11:30 am.

TIBBETTS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (WSB sponsor): The video service for today is viewable here. Follow along via the bulletin here.

TRINITY CHURCH: Livestreaming here, 10 am.

WEST SEATTLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH: The video service for today is viewable here.

WEST SEATTLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE: Livestreaming here, 11 am.

WEST SIDE PRESBYTERIAN Livestreaming at 10 am on the church’s YouTube channel.


WESTWOOD CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Online worship at 11 am; info here.

Any other churches to add? Please email us – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!

Also today:

JUNCTION PRIDE FLAGS: Volunteers will put them back up at 8 am, and take them down at 8 pm. Helpers can meet at northeast corner of California/Alaska.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm. Scroll down the page at this link to find the vendor list and map for this week. (Enter at California/Alaska)

WEST SEATTLE TOOL LIBRARY: Open 11 am-4 pm – need a tool to fix or improve something? (4408 Delridge Way SW)

WEST SEATTLE PRIDE MINI-MARCH: As previewed here. Leaving Morgan Junction Park at 2:15 pm. Wear your mask and keep your distance! (6413 California SW)

#SAYTHEIRNAMES: As previewed here. 4:30 pm on the Delridge/Oregon overpass.

FREE TO-GO DINNER: High Point Community Dinner Church will serve to-go meals at 5 pm, outside, near High Point Community Center. (6920 34th SW)

Staff member at Duke’s on Alki tests positive for COVID-19

Another local business confirms an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. This time, it’s Duke’s on Alki. The restaurant posted this on social media tonight:

The restaurant was open tonight; an employee who contacted us about the situation says the cleaning was done on Thursday and that employees were notified that day.

Water work south of The Junction

If you’re hearing construction-type noise – there’s a Seattle Public Utilities crew working on a water problem at California/Dawson, just south of The Junction. We haven’t heard from anyone whose water service has been affected, but did get a couple tips about the SPU crew (thank you).

UPDATE: 2 Gatewood crashes

FIRST REPORT, 10:12 PM: Thanks to Jason for the photo from a crash scene this past hour in Gatewood, in the 42100 block of SW Othello [map]. The driver is reported to have hit parked cars before crashing into a tree, and was taken to a hospital.

ADDED EARLY SUNDAY: Another crash was reported a few blocks away, at 41st/Austin, just after 10:30 pm:

The owner of a parked F-250 pickup truck that was hit and damaged sent that photo, showing blue paint from the hit-run vehicle. He says it was a “small blue car” that crashed shortly thereafter, according to the police officer who took his report.

CORONAVIRUS: Saturday 6/27 roundup

A troubling nationwide trend hits our state too, and that’s what starts tonight’s roundup:

HITTING THE BRAKES: Gov. Inslee and state Health Secretary John Wiesman announced today that no county will be allowed, for now, to advance to Phase 4:

Rising cases across the state and concerns about continued spread of the COVID virus have made Phase 4, which would essentially mean no restrictions, impossible at this time.

Eight counties were eligible to move from Phase 3 to Phase 4 before the pause.

This doesn’t affect us right now, as King County just moved to Phase 2 a week ago.

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: Here are the cumulative numbers from Public Health‘s daily-summary dashboard:

*9,819 people have tested positive, 124 more than yesterday

*586 people have died, unchanged from yesterday

*1,574 people have been hospitalized, 10 more than yesterday

*157,623 people have been tested, 1,764 more than yesterday

One week ago, those totals were 9,165/585/1,540/140,894.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: Almost 10 million people have tested positive, and almost half a million have died. Most cases: U.S., Brazil, Russia, India, United Kingdom. See the breakdown, nation by nation, here.

GROCERY SHOPPING: Our periodic check of what’s up with local standalone grocery stores turned up that two chains have reduce their weekly senior/at-risk shopping hours.

ONLINE FARMERS’ MARKET: If you don’t feel ready to wade into the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on Sundays, they’re offering a new shop-online-and-pick-up option – info here.

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? westseattleblog@gmail.com or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!